Mr Franks Wild Ride

Mr Franks Wild Ride
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disney Angels

I sit & weep of fallen dreams, of love
Remembering days of wonderment, long ago
Then Disney friends embrace me, as from above
Reassure the child, and I let go

Disney Fan

What makes a Disney Fan?
Love of Rides, Characters or Ideals?
@DisneyParks are an escape, Safe Haven of Life's burdens
Imagination of Man

Disney Language

Warm Language: Mother's kiss, Virtual hug, Supportive cloak of safety.
Dark Language: Sharpened weapon,Virtual impalement, Soul drain
Walt created an Utopian world for families to gather & bond
Which language did he envision?

Disney Rebirth

A virtue lost to maturity, Given freely;stolen away
We enter an oasis, Smiles, care are the norm
A rebirth of Disney Innocence!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Disney Friends

Disney Friends are like no other,
Love & Support; A beautiful warm cover.
Kids at camp, we band together
Hearts entwined through Mickey forever.

EPIC October 2010

Towards WDW,
I experience the Sun rising,
Going Home,
I feel the Sun set.
Meeting Disney family, shared love
EPIC October 2010, I'll never forget

Disney Trip

A Disney trip,
even one so short,
Harbors growing anxiety,
It is it's own sport.
Create a game plan: timetable is born
You arrive, emotions explode
Magic takes over & all reason has flown.

Dole Whip

Disney Fans,
Fulfill their desire to quench
Their inner fire,
On a sultry day,
You yearn to grip,
A heavenly delight,
The Dole Whip